Young Threezy, or the Source Essence Five

by Hutcher

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Hutcher's "Young Threezy, or the Source Essence Five" follows the young man Threezy, who had lived a quiet urban life, until his neighbors and friends start rapidly turning into mutants as a result of a failed government experiment. The beings rapidly evolve and build space-age weaponry, leaving Threezy and his crew of uninfected friends to fight off the disturbed foes. They organize themselves into a intelligent hierarchy of drones and a primary leader, similar in structure to that of a bee colony, making it difficult for any successful military action against the infected. During a time of great climactic disturbances, viral disease, radiation, and choking pollution, Threezy is sure that the end of the world has arrived.... but he's not going down without a fight.


released November 3, 2015

Myles Oliver - vocals, lyrics, arrangements, keyboard, drum programming, samples
Calah Lawson - guest lyrics/ vocals



all rights reserved


Hutcher Iowa

Electronic experimental from Acorns, Ohio. Hutcher is an extension of Myles Oliver. A partially sample based affair, Hutcher also utilizes original percussion, vocals, and keyboards. Hutcher has no boundaries.

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Track Name: Entrance to a New Level
this is young threezy, or the source motherfucking essence five
i'm bringing it to you live from green, ohio

shut the fuck up

diving into my mind
trying to find answers in the winding wheels and gears
all these years

come back to the surface, take a breath of air
self-reflection in a house of mirrors
i'm here, there, everywhere

fractals suspended and ever expanding in the dark of my eyes
and lines are connecting the flickering lights in the ink-black skies

piecing together the mystery man and his lies

arc of light halos around everything i see
watch me warp through time and infinity
in front of your eyes, i can see your disguise

i keep it original like tacobell
i don't expect this shit to sell

wasting nimrods in space
in fact, you don't know about that

where will you stand now that you don't belong on any planet?
i know you didn't plan it to be this way at all
don't lose hope
phase into the opalescent wall

and then i shot that bitch in his ass

finally reaching event horizon celestial
hoping my body keeps itself terrestrial
Track Name: From Sunrise to Sickness
my hatin' days gotta be put to rest
i ain't no better than the rest
universal spirits putting my ass to the test

golden butterfly in a rain shower
this compound you created tastes sour

as the approach draws near of the induction hour
i hide my face in the moonlight
and as i come upon this fortress, i cower
i nearly fall on my back cuz of its great height

my buddy's got double nickels on the dime
rolling out of this hell-house with little time
these crazies have gained control of the state
infected street corners; mutilated kids who used to skate
have i written my destiny?
have i sealed my fate?

with fatality reports climbing, its hard not to contemplate

i'm feeling sedated, and i'm feeling low
creatures be satisfying pleasures that to us are unknown
load up my magazine with lead and i'm ready to go

is this real life? i cannot tell
honestly to me it looks like the internal depths of hell
who cares how far down i fell?

freaks have ascended upward to their secret hideout
i'd stay here on earth, but that's not what i'm about
i got an invitation to a mutated space station
an operation i'll handle not without irritation

the engine to our ship did not calibrate correctly
i looked into the instruction manual introspectively
the manual is complex and i can't read shit
this vehicle will fail at any minute
might as well ditch it

into the escape pods we rushed
from outside we saw our transportation crushed
we floated through the darkness to the space station
relieved that we at least arrived at our location

we didn't have long to survey the area
beings started attacking and causing hysteria
my homie's arm got torn off by some fool
i sliced his abdomen; ripped the skull off that ghoul
we quickly retreated to the escape pod
realizing we've uncovered something very odd

these fuckers are intelligent and possess higher thinking
further confirmation that this is a ship worth sinking
they must be destroyed as soon as possible
an impending war is now more than probable

the escape pod landed and we all got out
still trying to comprehend that sophisticated hideout
i went to the royal council and request i become a soldier
my best buddy died and i ain't getting any older

governments are scared and they got my world on fire
people becoming sick and radiation getting higher
no one wants to deal with our grotesque foes
they'd rather sit on their asses or complain about the crows

they're a bunch of wack ass hoes
they don't listen to "no"'s
why am i even telling you

can't tell if this is god's plan or if it's our own
it'd be nice if someone handed me a damn microphone
this collective tried to be effective in killing the infected
those who are not strong enough are immediately rejected
i wasn't drafted and i wasn't selected
just a lone boy trying to do what's expected

a responsibility has been put to me
it is now my duty to save my friends and family
i'll sleep with my gaurd up in my hypertube
thinking about the next fucking thing i gotta do
Track Name: Polymorphic Testing Center
sitting within another time, another moment
backwards tunnel equation atonement

fly across my room like a motherfucking comet
cosmic prophet, recite my subliminal sonnet

fuck yes
geodesic dome express

underground sections of insect detection
i create inertia-based shields of plasma protection

the earth has become vile, turning green from the inside
we can't survive

welcome, fiber-optic star bolt pattern
transport me to utility hub 2-zero saturn

i'll plant one last kiss, before spiraling into the abyss

bursting flowers float about crystal towers
i combat the flow with artillery shells, this is magic extracted from the book of kells

correction analysis within mechanized production lines
solar flares will form like giant snares cuz no one cares

within a hollow creation yields multidimensional organization
maps align and empires decline

biosynthetic stomping grounds
an array of high pitched sounds
symbiotic notation in lingual variation
contextual replication implying divine situations

this is a conquest that we must detest
as they invade, we're in disarray, and all the bodies lay along the sidewalk cracks
y'all don't break your backs

my crazy ass head got stuck in my bed
degeneration consecration in lands of things once said

time becomes the artificial way
i watch my own body decay

witnessing androids manifest holographic trapezoids
see interstellar beings fly while passing the dimensional void

lying inside cybernetic spaces
after-death places, after-death faces
compulsion is not a revisionary extract
we have not even entered the third act

i survey the sky one more time and take three steps back

the unofficial morphology of this divine ecology
has been divided among the keepers of the ar-6 archology

and in the upper level hours, i will witness archaic powers
when we get here, in the lower atmosphere, my eye shall shed a tear
so let it drip into the vortex
thus, completing this hex

immediate changes present themselves in my vicinity
instantly i become aware of all that is; infinity

on this new found time line, they take that which is mine
and force my mind into its design

initializing and prophecizing, the impending god-king
my kingdom rises in the east upon the horizon
rendering my monolith to mimic orion
Track Name: Baptized in Protozoa
inferior and superior forms of life
i got a nasty ass troll fucker under my knife
this identity could one day be national
our foes are anything but fashionable
however their technology is infallible

they built some shit in space and that is the case
i went there and left with guts on my face
gotta do the work: create a proof
it is not constructive to be a goof

this astonishment may be your last acknowledgement
to which degree will you flee when you see that what you had in mind is history?

tell me the truth in your own phone booth
when i looked under my pillow, i saw your tooth
i try to be sly, try to be a sleuth
these impressions and expressions are the best i can do

enlisted my services for utilitarian purposes
owning up and a salute with permission to shoot
our habitat looks like a lie handled by a brute
even though that's what it is, we can bear fresh fruit
much better than continuing this disgusting dispute

holy poop, i'm getting angry
the last thing you want is this motherfucker cranky

i maintain myself as best as i can
i guess this is all part of being a man
this one purple eyed creep has me straight up stuck
he's got my neck around his fist and it's tight as fuck

i want out right now, send me back to my mommy
in my warm house, by the fireplace, enjoying pastrami
living on nuclear food alone
we've taken advantage of our ability to clone

roll on in like a sprite and be polite
looking fine and out of sight
if our prerogative is to be precise
then maybe we should shut our mouths and be nice

the experience i had was informative
staying alive while keeping my ethics normative

we talked about warfare and fuel rod cannons
becoming greedy and turning into mammons
they're allowed to believe what they want
i'm gonna bring this goon's head back up front

this was worse than i could've imagined
cutting down my sword speed by a fraction
you could call me an unholy assassin
another ghost in the noise used as a distraction

watcha gonna do when you gotta fight a town?
time to be strong and not fall down

forgot about my arrangement
now i will have to suffer with entanglement
the queen bee's gaze is the color of the sea
i know because she's looking at me
inspired by my subject
making sure this side effect is correct

i don't know why
is it a crime to look in your green eyes
and try to find what was there before
before you left
before i had to end your life

alternative zone inside a cone
recognizing a buried object as a human bone
you sow your own seeds
i'll keep to my needs
like the frogs in the trees
the squid in the sea
i just want to be the best version of me

no vacation during this viral infestation
a process leading to intense coagulation
there was nowhere else to turn
i guess this is what it's like to feel the burn

ashes sticking to my tongue
reflections on the safety i had when i was young
a book that may be left unfinished
crawling out of the cellar with my breath diminished

cradling the earth like its a baby
seems like that's been our job as of lately

sorry, but i had to get this shit off my chest
going days without food has left me with no rest
i feel like a junkie and i'm really fucking hungry
Track Name: Core Heart Nucleus
now i've had it up to here
now let's just be real for a second, i was sitting with my beer and suddenly
i see every one in the streets has met an ungodly demise
i see it in their eyes

but their bodies lie, as they stumble through the streets and
it's such a pity that all my friends are dead and i'm not sure if i'm emaciated or just irradiated

the red light inside a screen
it's there, but often can't be seen
a true nebula queen
if you know what i mean

a small face in the hidden arch
drums beat and we begin to march
this is the future of of our race
toxic spills and hazardous waste
walk through it all just to get a taste

shimmering holes of light that cut
then slamming the big door shut
creeping along the edge of the roadside
mentally see scenarios that coincide
try to come up on my backside
i'll take you out in no time

weirdos out cracking the asphalt
accessing our underground vaults
escape reasons out to be the solution
temporary fix but not a final solution
goddamn all this pollution

control is hard to grasp
dysfunctional citizens having the last laugh
burning bright in the center of the table
lies a disembodied head that is unstable

wake up, because i wanna take the window down
i'm done being frightened by sounds

save all the lives that you can
the lines that we drew in the sand
they tell of a hero who comes to free the damned
that's who i hope i am

who is this clown?
been asking myself the same question since i entered this town
i'm not anything supernatural
i hold onto that which is factual

looking at the same star won't get you very far
put my rifle away and get into my car
i'm done killing for the day
time to hit the hay
Track Name: Watchful Eyes on the Streets
yo, yo, yo, stop talking shit you fuckface
ya muthafreaking cupcake
you think you got the muscles to beat me up?
well we'll see who's really fucking tough

dj, dj! i've had enough
unconscious and toxic, get your head out the snuff

cybernetic warfare is the new trend
so don't pretend that you're my friend
our priority is defend

"awww shit.... not again..."

crumbling towers behind the hills
either objective interpretation or sleeping pills
a burning on the inside that kills

i see a military truck
its filled with stuff
like a bunch of bombs, and weapons n' shit
this place is gonna be fucking lit

all our machine requires is lightning
we'd get shit done if we all stop fighting
personal problems aside
there's this doomsday train we gotta ride
this mission don't need any heroes and it don't need no pride
everyone adopt cooperation before we get liquefied

i take delight in a knife fight
though i never ever fought things that bite
carnivorous dudes are in sight, lit by candlelight

"insanity is this world," she said
then her eyes glowed green and i put a bullet in her head

in this apocalyptic time we gotta learn from the past
can't always be on blast
trying to keep it alive, trying to keep it fast
never know how long we're gonna last

only dogs bark south
i eventually had to blow off my friend's mouth
am i saving myself or am i satan's fiend
the blood on my hands can never be cleaned
Track Name: Chrome Life
i'm coming for the party, i'm coming for the show
i'm playing monkey with you bitches; you already know

now i ain't some fucking hater
yo, i'm already a player
i'm not trying to be the yeezy, dog
my name is fucking threezy

telling you about my life in space
it ain't easy

no one knows the truth, and life's a mystery
if you don't believe me, research earth's history

how you gonna play it when you can't even make it?
it's 2030, so get off your ass and shake it

i know this one's a jam, and you might be getting bored
this story ain't for some mindless fucking whores

i like to keep facts straight and speak with clarity
promote justice, peace, and prosperity
jumping out the ocean like a dolphin with wings
looking through my memories for aquatic things

i didn't think this would be my life
but here i freaking am
i'll shoot you down with all my ammo unless you be my fam

i like to dip in the mainstream to cool myself off
come in here boy, i'll drown you
trying to piss me off

swimming through the grass like a goddamn snake
neighbors see me creeping through their yard
they think i'm fake

everyone be tripping

i'm just a kid
i only like skipping

the fact is that i'm back like a terrorist attack
your homies are wack
they're all on that smack
Track Name: The Current Situation
transgression of this hybrid selection
anomalous peeps causing an insurrection
hypotheticals become thought receptacles
incredible that they think our minds are edible

a new pawn brought on by the dawn
homo sapiens becoming hostile, demonic spawns
draw me up a new kind of terra firma

in addition to this trivial rendition of reality
every gaurdian group has been subjected to lethal brutality
what makes a good teacher?
i may be a preacher but i'm not a far reacher
i can see beyond the lines
this ain't the first time

tubing, wires, and chords be popping out my back
though my primary organs remain intact
the truth is that this energy-suit will react in the presence of any deadly extract

tear through flesh like a piece of paper
chucking genetic trash off this downtown skyscraper
listen to the electric wind as it howls
radioactive potential be drifting in my bowls

i've gained an army of robotically enhanced owls
it's a time to panic, all you bitches better grab your towls
we got ourselves an otherworldly phenomenon
joke's on the other one
a different approach
paralingual direction roach

what is spoken is influential
codes formulating what is vertical
spontaneous glossolalia capsules reviving independent cat souls
the keepers of blue energy since ancient times
precision in my decision to contract these felines

switching positions on the field
no matter what, i will not yield
my conditions are locked within my institute
throwing out the old me for a substitute
perfect accuracy, dark arts mastery
in actuality, the travesty is i committed blasphemy

visualize the crimes in cryptic neon signs
a lost script of astronomical proportions gives way to a method of contortion

the teacher must understand when the student transcends
walls will crack, wolves will howl, but we will defend
that's the way i want it to end

it looks like an intruder on the flat side
take this carbine and rough up its hide
grounded charges coming up through my boots
looks like they implanted eggs in the soil to reproduce

there is no relevant prediction no matter how hard we try
it doesn't matter whether i take out a few small fries
these wild guys gotta die
i used to chill out on my porch watching the clouds go by
eating apple pie
goddamn, those days were fly
Track Name: A Final Orison
it's amazing how even when we're getting attacked
you know how to keep it cool and be a class act
there's an image in my noggin that i want to eliminate
talking about ways to intimidate

my computer log has been tampered with
the information isn't here that i started with
i'll search the hallways for the mainframe
i wish everyone in this city didn't look the same

who could've predicted that we'd regress
you'd think by 2030 we'd be out of this mess

pilot, take me to the number place, just in case
i'll be ready to leave once i tie my shoelace
doubling up on ammunition
trying to avoid complete annihilation

the content of my system is leaking out
i can't try to explain what that is about
need to find the rest of the silver fragments
fighter jets powered by nothing but magnets

leaves of white fall at night
every one of these assholes knows how to fight
i wish i could remote control my life
press a damn button and have everything be nice

i don't like muting my commands, but it's sometimes necessary
the worlds that we encounter can also be scary
the energy star brings forth another
occurrence of a sixteenth brother
i'm going to murder this unholy mother

having trouble standing by for any length of time
finally got my machine's oscillators to unwind
is there anything else in this world to find?
is it even defined, or is it all in our minds?

now i'm riding on the backs of giants
forced to tear the heads off of my former clients
angles meet up and create a room
the squad should be here very soon
Track Name: Interior Poisoning
everlasting hope within a vile
walk across endangered streets with style

shapes come in and out every now and again
didn't know my concentration was so fly back then
mystery man, i figured out he was my brother
getting stoked off this smoke, i chilled with that motherfucker

i got what i wanted and now i'm on the attack
i guess you could say that i'm motherfuckin' back

a burnt letter in the center of my dreams
looks like i've entered the galactic realm
or so it seems

production stations be pumping chemicals about
right above my head.... is it worth it?
biochemically engineered babies lying dead

the end of the world is nigh
thank fuck i'm still alive
this fire in my spirit explodes like a damn plasma grenade
volcanic fairies fly to my aid
in this instance i can see the black parade
they're drinking blood-red lemonade

these homies are not who i thought they were
they are apocalyptic light bringers
my words must be heard

my blood had become impure
time to find a cure
the only thing that i really know for sure
is i got a wack-ass potion to stir

i will lose my mind
trying to save humankind
as these tiny thoughts unwind
i'm losing time

this generation never had the patience
to prevent apocalypse without further maintenance
and as i stare down hellish gutters in this instance
i risk my life
i forget to keep my distance

keep it flowin' with these crystals in my bag
a radiated homie forces me to pull out my mag

he's gasping on the ground
bleeding bright green
what the fuck is happening?!
its like i'm high on codeine

then i look into his eyes
there's a human being under this disguise
painfully watching this soul meet his demise
he let's out horrific cries

and then he dies

in order for me to survive
i could not keep that fucked up brother alive

cannot revive
this is the source essence five